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keep your business connected with great data and airtime deals from MTN

Digital platforms empower consumers with the ability to use the Internet to get what they need quickly.

Reliable and fast connectivity has never been more important for businesses who need to stay relevant and competitive.

Acquiring suitable equipment to get you connected is only the first step, however. cheap sme data 

Even the most powerful tools serve little purpose if you don’t have access to a fast and reliable data service.

With the improved ability to work remotely, businesses can also no longer afford to rely strictly on fixed connectivity like fibre and broadband.

Employees must be able to engage over voice and online platforms while at home, on the road, or any location out of the office.

This makes a mobile SIM-only package the ideal option for on-the-go connectivity.

A plethora of packages

To cater for each business’s unique requirements, MTN Business offers a wide range of different packages with varying allocations of data and voice minutes.

Many of these SIM-only deals are available on a month-to-month basis or over the long, medium and short term, with 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36-month contracts on offer.

This affords businesses increased flexibility to adapt in the event that operational circumstances change unexpectedly.


Many businesses primarily rely on data to conduct their operations.

This could be particularly true for those who have their staff working remotely and need to often use platforms like Microsoft Teams to stay in touch.

Data is also essential to keep in touch with customers and partners, maintain an online presence, and manage online-based solutions.

MTN’s Made for Business Data+ Pro packages are perfect for data-heavy businesses.

The table below shows a selection of these deals, which are also available on 3, 18, and 36-month contracts.

MTN Made for Business Data + Pro deals Package Included value Month-to-month 6-month contract 12-month contract 24-month contract Made for Business Data+ Pro 100GB anytime data R919 R869 R799 R699 Made for Business Data+ Pro S 150GB anytime data R1,159 R1,099 R1,009 R879 Made for Business Data+ Pro M 250GB anytime data R1,749 R1,649 R1,519 R1,329 Made for Business Data+ Pro L 500GB anytime data R3,209 R3,019 R2,769 R2,429 Voice-focused

Businesses who still make liberal use of standard voice calls can opt for MTN’s Made for Business S, M, L, XL, or Sky plans.

These packages bundle generous amount of voice minutes with a moderate data allocation.

The Made for Business L package includes 500 anytime minutes and 3GB anytime data, as well as a bonus once-off value of 20GB data and 500 minutes, at R579 per month on a 24-month contract.

The table below shows a selection of MTN Made for Business deals. These may also be available over 3, 6, 18, or 36-month terms.

MTN Made for Business deals Package Included value Bonus value Month-to-month 12-month contract 24-month contract Made for Business M 1.5GB anytime data + 200 anytime minutes 5GB data + 200 minutes R439 R379 R329 Made for Business L 3GB anytime data + 500 anytime minutes 20GB data + 500 minutes R769 R659 R579 Made for Business XL 5.5GB anytime data + 1,000 anytime minutes 40GB data + 500 minutes R1,319 R1,139 R999 Made for Business Sky 35GB anytime data + 10,000 anytime minutes – – – R1,499 The best of both

MTN Made to Share packages feature copious amounts of data and minutes for those businesses who need it all.

These packages are available on 24-month contracts, starting at R1,499 for 25GB anytime data and 500 anytime minutes on the Made to Share S (P) deal.

Below are the three Made to Share packages on offer from MTN Business.

MTN Made to Share deals Package Included value Bonus value 24-month contract Made to Share S (P) 25GB anytime data + 500 anytime minutes 30GB data + 800 minutes R1,499 Made to Share M (P) 50GB anytime data + 1,000 anytime minutes 50GB data + 1,250 minutes R2,599 Made to Share L (P) 100GB anytime data + 2,000 anytime minutes 100GB data + 2,500 minutes R4,799

Click here to view MTN’s wide range of SIM-only deals for businesses.

This article was published in partnership with MTN Business.

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